Looking for a 
Birthday Party Location...

We have:

Able to take 30 kids! (or more with planning)
Bring your own cake, ice cream, plates & forks!

For booking and more information contact:

Don at (503)646-7905 or 
email: schedule@thecourtsinbeaverton.com
Sample Party
30 Min in Activity area (Courts)
30 Min in the Party area (Food, Presents, Cake etc.)
30 Min in Activity area (Courts)

  • Base Price for 12 Partiers - $250
  • -Includes 2 Pizzas, 12 Soft drinks/Water/Sports Drinks & Staff
  • Every Additional Partiers - $15
  • Additional 30 min on activity area or in café area - $30
  • You must bring your own birthday cake, ice cream, paper products & utensils. 
  • Appropriate shoes and attire is required