The Washington/Oregon High School 
Quads League Information

* The Washington/Oregon High School Quads League will be 7 weeks(14 matches). First match will be Friday Sept 11th, Sat Sept 12th, Sunday Sept 13thand run for 7 weeks until Sunday October 25th.

* The league games will take place on Friday Night (5-9:30p), Saturday and Sundays (9am-9pm). Your team will play 2 matches and ref one in the 4.5 hours of your schedule. 

* There will be 3 Levels of play. Varsity, JV and Frosh. There will also be 3 divisions in each of the Levels. You will select the Level and the division to play in when you register online.

* The GOAL is to have ALL players from the same HS, but knowing that this may not be possible each team may have one player from a different school. League does not want All Star teams. Teams will be able to choose a competitive level for the team. Div 1 (highest level of play), Div 2 or Div 3. We will also be looking at Rosters so teams do not “Sandbag”

* 6 players on a team Roster...All players must be same players each week. Not all need to be at games, This is why we have the 6 players on a roster so players might have to miss a game or 2 and you can still field a team.

* 4 Players will be on the court at 1 time. Players can sub in during the game or match. Players must sub for the same person in a game. Team can play with only 3 players due to players not able to attend.

* It is highly suggested that your team roster have: 1 Setter, 1 Lib, 1 MH and 3 OH.

* Online Registration only. See the bottom of this page for the Registration links for all level and Divisions. Team Captains must be the ONLY ones to register and pay!!!!! Other team players will need to pay you back.

* Team Fees are $800 per team. SO if your team has: 

6 players the fee will be $135/Player
5 Players the fee will be $160/Player
4 Players the fee will be $200/Player
Players can pay the Captain via Venmo, Cash, Check, Apple Pay, Cleaning toilets, Mowing lawns, Babysitting.

* Each team signs up for a 10 team League. 

Each team will play 2 matches on the day of their scheduled play
Each team will ref 1 match

* There will be 3 Divisions

Division 1  
10 Teams in the Division 1 
After the first month (8 matches), bottom 2 teams will drop down to the Div 1 Challenge for the next month
Division 1 Challenge ( Varsity level only will have the Challenge Division)
10 Teams in the Division 1 Challenge 
Top 2 teams in the Challenge div will move up for the next month
Bottom 2 teams in the Challenge division will move to Division 2
Division 2 (10 teams)
Top 2 teams will move up to Division 1 Challenge
Bottom 2 teams will drop down to the Div 3 for the next month
Division 3 (10 Teams)
Top 2 teams in the Div 3 will move up to Div 2 for the next month
No teams will be dropped out
* All Matches will be 2/3 sets or 75 min. First 2 games to 25, 3rdset to 11pts

* Timed Games. 80 min of running game time. Team that is refing will have all 8 minutes on the court to warm up. Team that just played will stay warm for 8 min shagging for warming up team.

* Simple score keeping and Refing duties. Each match will only need Up Ref, Down Ref, Flip card scorer, .  

* 3 teams per courts….. You will play or Ref each League match

Players will ref, 
Great experience for the players.

* Players only will be allowed into the facility due to Covid 19 Protocols set forth by the State, County and Local rules. No family, Coaches or fans will be allowed into the facility.

* COVID 19 Protocols will be in effect at all times until the State, County and Local move to the next phase. This means: Masks, Temp checks, Social Distancing, No personal contact (high 5’s), Ball sanitizing, No drinking fountain use (bring your own water bottles), No Café, Covid 19 Rules, Protocols and Waivers.

* Baden game Balls will be Provided along with Warm up balls for each court. Balls will need to be sanitized after each warm up, and each match so they are ready for the next match. 

* Matching Uniform are suggested, But not needed. Number and same color is the basic need.

* All teams will know the schedule weeks before you play as Format is set up ahead of time.

* A maximum of 40 teams in Varsity Div; 30 Teams in the JV Division and 30 Teams in the Frosh Division. 

5 Courts will be used 

* No Coaches Meeting to start the day……. Teams show up for the Play or refing duties

* All Games played at the Courts in Beaverton. 

* Starting Seeding will be based on Players on your team.

Registration Links.

Varsity Division 1
Sold Out- 15 Teams

Varsity Division 2
Sold Out- 15 Teams

Varsity Division 3
Only 1 Spot left

Junior Varsity Division 1

Junior Varsity Division 2

Junior Varsity Division 3

Frosh Division 1

Frosh Division 2

Frosh Division 3

Free Agent Night.......

You will be able to fill in your roster with players or make up a complete team of players.

Free Agent night will be Weds Sept 2nd from 6-8pm.

If you sign up for this please come and find yourself a team!!!!!! This is not a drop in session so do not come and just play.

See you on the Courts!!!!!

Free Agent Registration Link