Beach Volleyball Club

The Beach in Beaverton

Unfortunately, OJVA will NOT have a beach program for the upcoming 2018 season. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope everyone has a great summer! 

The indoor game and beach game are very similar, but very different. The skills are the same, but how you do them are different. We believe that trying to do both at the same time does not help either. Separately, they feed off each other and will make you a better player BOTH indoors and outdoors. That is why the college indoor season is in the Fall and the beach season is in the Spring.
The OJVA Beach Club is committed to working around your volleyball schedules. 

Here is what you get included in OJVA Beach Club.

3 of the best courts in the state!
*Nets adjust in 10 seconds from 12u to adult size net heights
*Lots of room between courts
*Court hoses to cool down the hot sand and keep the dust down
*Grass viewing area for parents and fans
*Lots of Parking
*Safe family environment
* Located in Beaverton and light rail friendly.

Training/Practice Sessions 
* 10 Week membership option
*8 Training sessions per month
* Each Session is 2 hours long
*Practice time is 4:00pm - 6:00pm on Tues and Thurs
*If the beach is too wet or cold then the sessions will be moved inside
*8-10 players in the age group for training sessions
*Lots of balls for training, Special tools for beach training
*Sessions will be 55% Skills/Training and 35% game situations, 
10% warm up and SAQ training 
*Training sessions on Monday and Weds or Tuesday and Thursday

How OJVA Trains Differently
*Each coach will have 8-10 players per Court along with 12-14 balls
*Each training session will be geared to work on individual skills along with team concepts
*Each group will start off by age bracket and as players improve, players may be moved to a higher level/age group.
*Players will sign up as individuals and Train as a group. If you request that your partner trains together with you, we will accommodate if levels are close

Competition Events Included!!!!! 
*Entry into 4 Beaverton Beach tourneys.  
You set your Tourney schedule with your partners
* Every Friday you can play in a mini tourney 
*Play is for 2 hours from 4p-6pm
* 2 weeks Queen of the Beach 
*2 weeks of 4’s
*4 Weeks of Doubles 

Ages and Levels
Ages for the club will be 12U, 14U, 16u, 18u and College
Players may be moved up an age level for training if their skills merit a higher level

Staff and Coaches
OJVA Directors​
*Steve Suttich
Top Men’s and Women’s players
* College Beach players

Beach Ball, Sand Socks,
 Practice/Game Jersey Included!!!!!!!
*Each player will be given your own ball to train and play with—Put your name on it
*2 Practice/Tourney shirts with #’s 
*Your own Sand Socks…. Your option to wear them… But they do save your feet

Membership Dues…. 

If your Indoor Season ends at Memorial weekend, the 10 Week Beach membership fits your playing schedule. $650
*10 weeks of Training ......June 8th thru August 5th
*Training days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00pm - 6:00pm. Mini Tourney day is Friday 4-6p

10 Reasons 
You should be playing outdoors this summer

10)The court is smaller 

9)You can/will play with your friends

8)You will learn how to read and play better defense

7)You will pick up smart shots and ball control

6)Everyone has to Serve, Pass, Set, Hit and Dig

5)You will learn to move your feet

4)You will play a lot of games in 1 day

3)You will touch the ball on every other play

2)You can dive for the ball without kneepads

1)You will be outside in the Summer sun having FUN!

Tournament Fees

Register by 5:00pm on the Wednesday before the tournament:
Doubles Teams
$50 per Team
$25 per Individual

Late Registration
Register after the pre-registration deadline and before 9:00am on the Friday before the tournament:
Doubles Teams
$60 per Team
$30 per Individual


- There is limited seating. Bringing lawn chairs is encouraged
- Day-of-tournament updates will be done via email
Tournament Information

Tourney Formats​
Pool play will be best 2 sets to 21 points.

Bracket play will follow and is single elimination.  Matches are best 2 out of 3 to 21 points.  Set 3 is to 15 points.

12U will play Quads
12U tournaments will be a quads format.  If 12U teams would like to play doubles, they should register for the 14U division.

Tournament Schedules
Schedules will be emailed out on the Friday afternoon prior to the tournament. 

For all tournaments:
8:15am - Facility Opens
8:30am - Captain's Meeting
9:00am - First Serves

Tourney Dates and Ages

OJVA will have no beach season or tournaments for 2018.

June 10th          14's and 16's   Doubles
June 11th          12's and 18's   Doubles

June 17th          14's and 16's   Doubles
June 18th          12's and 18's   Doubles

June 24th          12's and 16's   Doubles
June 25th          14's and 18's   Doubles

​July 1st             12's and 16's   Doubles
July 2nd            14's and 18's   Doubles

July 8th             14's and 16's   Doubles
July 9th             12's and 18's   Doubles 

July 15th           14's and 18's   Doubles
July 16th           12's and 16's   Doubles

July 22nd          12's and 14's   Doubles
July 23rd           16's and 18's   Doubles

July 29th           12's and 16's   Doubles
July 30th           14's and 18's   Doubles

August 5th        14's and 12's   Doubles
August 6th        16's and 18's   Doubles